Ultimate Pitching Camps!



For a one hour session, the players will be taught a variety of drills to improve leg drive, hip snap, arm speed and wrist snap to work on gaining speed.  Speed is something that every pitcher can always improve on.  There will be emphasis on finishing the pitch and learning to explode off the mound to not only improve speed but accuracy as well.  The coaches will come with a wide variety of drills as to be able to help improve each player’s speed.


The Ultimate Pitching Camp will bring in College Pitching Coaches as instructors to help your Athlete take her pitching game to the next level.  The camp will be divided into three 50-55 minute sessions covering the following areas, Speed, Spin and a Classroom session for the mental aspects of pitching. Athletes will be divided into 3 groups based on age to rotate through the sessions. For the classroom session all players will receive a notebook with basic ideas of discussion with a place to take notes. This will also give them plenty of time to discuss situational play and ask questions.




In this one hour session the players will work specifically on improvement of spin pitches.  There will be emphasis on pitches that not only move, but change plane (rise and drop).  This session will also cover grips for different pitches.  There will be drills to improve the speed of the rotations of each pitch, how to make your pitches stronger and break more.  Each pitcher will walk away from this session with a new set of drills to improve the spin of the pitches they have. 




In this hour of the camp, the players will learn about what it takes to be a top level pitcher (at whatever level you play at).  They will learn techniques to control their emotions on the mound, maintain composure, and how to out think the batters.  There will be discussion on pitch calling and understanding situations.  There will be a segment on what a pitching work out should look like for every situation: game day, off day and off season.  This is the part of the camp where the players will be pushed to do more than just throw, they will learn how to be true pitchers.  The Curriculum is designed to help every athlete to reach the highest level of play they can.


Attention! You must provide your own catcher!

The catcher can be a teammate, parent, or friend. IF the catcher is under the age of 18, they MUST wear a facemask. Please do not signup without a catcher! The camp has a limited number of spots available.

Designed for ages 11 - 18


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