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The Full Masters Skills Camp experience includes four (4) group sessions. Each session will be a focused 40-45 minute workout in each of the following 4 skills areas:

  1. Hitting: Each instructor will work on ways to improve bat speed and pitch recognition. They will emphasize where in the strike zone is and the best location to hit different pitches to maximize power. There will be several specific hitting drills designed to give the athlete many swings in front of the instructor.
  2. Infield: Fundamentals are key to the development of an infielder. Most college drills are designed to improve fundamentals, speed and reaction time. They will focus on the development of a quick, smooth, fluid reaction to a ground ball and throwing it accurately.
  3. Outfield: The Outfield is the single largest area of the field to cover. High intensity training on footwork will be the focus. Instructors will run drills to emphasize drop steps and how to get behind every fly ball. They will be taught the best way to field balls while on the run, enabling them to make stronger more accurate throws to the bases. Athletes will also learn many take-home drills to be able to work on during the season, as well as off-season, to improve their game.
  4. Speed & Agility: Athletes will improve their game through drills to improve footwork and speed. They will do a variety of exercises to work quickness and balance. They will work on drills that can improve core strength, leg drive, and explosiveness.
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