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Finding the right fit. Fastpitch Masters believes that playing college softball is important in the development of a well-rounded individual. Many memories are made on the field! Choosing the school that best fits your needs is important. Regardless of size of school, all softball coaches will be recruiting based on positional needs. So it’s important to research different schools to find the ones that are going to be looking for you. Check out the number of underclassmen that play your position. Other considerations include: Scholarships available, Amount of Scholarship vs cost of school, financial aid, your academic profile and playing time, etc…  just to name a few.


Recruiting is all about getting noticed. Start by creating a list of schools. It’s important to keep your options open, so take a look at different schools in different divisions and compile a list. Next, you will need to gather the coaches contact information. Emailing your information is the most efficient way to reach out. You will want to create a resume including detailed information about your playing career and copy of your high school transcripts. Adding a link to a high quality video highlighting your skills (drills) along with highlights from games is an additional way to stand out.


Communicating with the coaches is imperative. Plan ahead. It’s important when a coach calls that you have an outline to refer to with specific questions you would want to ask them. Be sure to get familiar with the school and always return all emails and messages immediately. Coaches communicate with each other and you never know exactly how your recruiting process will develop.


Attending camps and clinics is important. Where else can you work directly with a college coach? So making a good impression is a must. Get plenty of sleep the night before and be prepared to have a good workout. Don’t be intimidated and be yourself. It’s all about having fun and showing off the person behind the athlete. It’s the total package they are looking for.


The last step is to get familiar with the different rules. NCAA and NAIA are similar but not exact. It’s important you know the Guidelines for College Bound Student-Athlete. You will also need to understand the academic requirements, including core courses you will need to take to stay academically eligible.  This information can be found on their websites under Eligibility Centers.


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