Diamond Pro Clinics/Camps

All of the instructors for our Diamond Pro Clinics/Camps are professional athletes that play the highest level of softball in the country, the National Pro Fastpitch League. These clinics are position specific, designed for all ages and class of play. The players will be able to see what it takes to take their game to the next level.


What's the difference between our clinics and others? Professional athletes have learned how to take all of the instruction they’ve received over the years and apply it to themselves to become the best in their position. Our team of Professional Players are willing to share this with the next generation of athletes.

Meet the team!

Sara Purvis - Pitcher

Dallas Charge

Georgia Southern


Kylee Lahners - Outfield

Dallas Charge

Washington University


Ashley Burkhardt - Utility

Dallas Charge

Purdue University

Pro Pitching Clinics

This pitching clinic is designed to give your player top instruction in speed building and movement.  Each player will learn numerous drills that she will be able to take home and continue her growth as a pitcher.  The pro athlete will spend time with each girl in both the speed and spin areas.   The clinic is also designed to help each girl gain something to add to her normal pitching routine.  Pitchers will receive in-depth physical and mental training.  We will also have a brief autograph/photograph session allowing all participants to have a special memory to take home with them.   

Attention! You must provide your own catcher!

The catcher can be a teammate, parent, or friend. IF the catcher is under the age of 18, they MUST wear a facemask. Please do not signup without a catcher! The clinic has a limited number of spots available.

Pro Hitting Clinics

This specialized hitting clinic will cover all aspects of hitting!   Each player will work through stations to work on leg drive, hand quickness to the ball, opposite field hitting and bunting/slapping.   Each player will be taught many drills that they can take home with them to work on different aspects of their swing.  The clinic is also designed to help each girl gain something to add to her normal hitting routine.  We will also have a brief autograph/photograph session allowing all participants to have a special memory to take home with them.  

Pro Catching Clinics

This clinic will cover all aspects of catching from a catcher’s point of view.  The players will be put through a series of drills to help improve their footwork, blocking, and increase speed of throwing.  They will also work on the best ways to frame the ball to get the highest level of accuracy from their pitchers and to show the umpires the best view of the zone.   In a small group setting each catcher will be pushed to improve her fundamentals and taught higher level skills to help her grow.  

Diamond Pro Camps

These camps are designed to take the best of the above (Pro Pitching Clinic, Pro Hitting Clinic and Pro Catching Clinic), ad in a Defense/Agility Clinic and put them into a single one day event! Each camp will have multiple professional athletes and professional coaches as instructors. The camps structure is very versatile. You may participate in just one of the sessions, pick two sessions, or attend the complete camp. This keeps the price down and allows you to pick and choose what you are most interested in working on.


In the Defense/Agility Camp you will rotate through Infield, Outfield and Speed & Agility giving each player a well-rounded approach to the defensive side of the game. Drills will designed to see what it takes to play at the highest level. All ages from 8 - 18 will gain a great working knowledge on how they can improve their game.

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