Beginners Pitching Camps!

The 1 hour Beginners Pitching Camp is designed to help build the beginning pitcher through drills that focus on the fundamentals of pitching.  Each pitcher will be taught drills to help them develop her pitching motion.  They will work through a set of drills to build the proper mechanics.


The camp is designed for pitchers in their first few years of pitching.  The time will be focused on learning how to maximize the use of their entire body through the pitching motion to gain speed and control.  They will learn wrist snap, arm speed, leg drive and how to develop the core to maintain control.



Attention! You must provide your own catcher!

The catcher can be a teammate, parent, or friend. IF the catcher is under the age of 18, they MUST wear a facemask. Please do not signup without a catcher! The camp has a limited number of spots available.

Elite Pitching Instructors:


Designed for ages 8 - 12

The SportsZone

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Tiffany Springs Foutch Athletics

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